10 November 2008


I'm jumping in trying to connect with people and possible employers - heck, since we've come all the way here, we might as well see if it's where we want to end up or not. Last week I met two interesting guys at a company called Concerto Marketing (www.concertomarketing.com). These two head up the marketing research dept. for this company and have a very interesting consumer behavior theory - too complex to get into here. I'd love to work with people like this, although they don't need any help now (no surprise, given the economy). 

On U.S. election night, Kurt was out watching the local mayoral candidates so I watched the TV -- and cheered -- alone. This proved too frustrating for me, extrovert that I am, so I called the one American couple in Nanaimo whose phone number I have. I'd never met these people yet, within a minute of talking, they invited me over to celebrate the Obama victory. I went and they were delightful!

Speaking of Americans in Nanaimo, there is a couple from Minnesota who moved here recently and I learned of them from a guy I chatted with on the ferry to Vancouver. Small world! I've already spoken with the woman and she seems like a kindred spirit - we'll meet soon.

This weekend some (Canadian) friends we met on a previous trip here came over with two bottles of Canadian (home-made) wine and a list of their favorite restaurants and pubs. What a nice way to welcome us to Nanaimo! We had a great time talking through the list and learning that Nanaimo has more good restaurants than we would have guessed. These folks are real foodies so we were lucky to get their perspective.

Yesterday we took a long walk from the condo along the Millstone River (photos) and through Bowen Park (just west of us) with several waterfalls along the way and then back home via the Harbourfront walkway.

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Although it was cloudy, the temperature was pleasant (about 52 degrees). I’m continually amazed at the natural beauty in this part of the world - and wonder why it took us so long to find this place!


MSEH said...

Let me just say that if you guys aren't completely hooked by April - heck, by the new year - I will have to recommend you for a psychiatric consult.

Rosie said...

You sound so happy! I'm glad!

Awesome that you are meeting welcome folks of the same ilk.

Shaun said...

Your photographs of Nanaimo and BC are stunning! No wonder you love it there. I'll continue to follow your blog and see where you finally end up. My partner and I are about to move to Fredericton, New Brunswick, and we also have a house on the Bay of Fundy in St. George, NB. You can follow my blog, Alice in Canada, at http://aliceincanada.blogspot.com