07 December 2008

A Day in the Park

We’re still getting used to the mild climate here! Today we hiked in Biggs Park, just a "spit" of land reaching out into the straight of Georgia from Nanaimo. It was about 50 degrees and sunny -- sun is a bit rare here during the winter. As we walked, we saw two bald eagles drifting directly overhead and we had a view of Nanaimo--and Mount Benson, behind it--across the water. The trail ended with a little bench on Jack Point where you can sit and watch the ferry come in from Vancouver. 

Next we stopped at an English-style pub just ‘down Island’ from Nanaimo called The Crow & Gate with great views of the Island mountains. Kurt had a Guinness, and we warmed ourselves near the big fireplace. The grounds of the place had a real country feeling -- we definitely plan to return.

We know that snow will arrive sometime (although nothing like the Twin Cities) but right now, we’re enjoying the green grass and mossy rocks.

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