28 October 2008

British Columbia

British Columbia's marketing slogan is "The Best Place on Earth." Quite a claim. But after driving across the Province from Banff National Park in the east to Kamloops in the west, the Province's declaration does not to me seem boastful, at least with respect to beauty. These photos are scenes in Banff, the one with water at Lake Louise. To be fair, Lake Louise is in Alberta, not B.C., barely.

We’re in Merritt, B.C. tonight. In particular, I'm sitting in the Merritt Library because, as has been more often the case than not, our hotelier cannot make work its wireless Internet connection. After I verified that the Celtics-Cavaliers game was not on any of the channels our EconoLodge offers (very disappointing, but in general Canadians are not big basketball fans, especially in comparison to hockey), decided I might as well venture out in search of free Internet. It's a beautiful evening anyway.

One more day on the road: Tomorrow we drive to Vancouver--'only' about 165 miles--then north to Horseshoe Bay to catch the ferry for the 90-minute ride across Georgia Strait to Nanaimo, at last. This necessarily kilometers-focused trip has become a bit of blur in retrospect. We're already confused and have to quiz each other on what happened which day and where were we then? But then I'm often confused without even leaving Roseville. :-).

1 comment:

Rosie said...

Wow! This is absolutely stunning!

Is that a hotel there at Lake Louise?

I'd like to stay there on that road trip I more and more see myself taking when I come to visit you :-) Who cares if I need to spend a few days sleeping in the car in order to be able to afford staying in this palace :-)

Same goes for the Mount Washington Hotel in NH, which is true to its name actually very close to Mount Washington and has a wrap around porch with a stunning view, maybe not quite as stunning as that picture you have there...