19 October 2008

Our Route from Roseville to Nanaimo

We plan tentatively to spend nights in Grand Forks, North Dakota; Brandon, Manitoba; Swift Current, Saskatchewan; Calgary, Alberta; Golden, British Columbia; and Merritt, British Columbia. The itinerary (constructed by Laurie), though not leisurely, has some slack built in to allow for fooling around in the Canadian Rockies, potential snow/ice, and my aversion to driving after dark, especially where moose, elk, and other large mammals roam.


Rosie said...

Awesome! I am so excited that you guys started a blog! This is going to be great to keep in touch and look at your pictures and read your thoughts!

Have a great adventure! And a safe trip!

Love & hugs,

Anonymous said...

Hi you two!

What a great adventure! I'm guessing that you're already across the border by now, eh?

Here's a tip (from a Canadian English-teacher) about 'learning the language': it's not enough just to say 'eh'....to sound truly native, you also have to get the placement (syntax) correct....for instance, I would say, What a great time, eh, for us both to choose to have no job or earned income? (Thoughts Before Leaving)

I'm looking forward to reading more blogs about your adventure!